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About me

  • About me

    I LOVE YOU jake your my life
  • Music

    MY FAVE BAND ARE: Fly leaf the ting tings avril laven david artchlatta Burnham selena gomaz demi lavato 3oh3! miley cyrus george canyon tara oram katy perry justin bieber cody simpson school gyrls.


    MY FAVE MOVIES ARE: Prom night twilight new moon just married Paranormal activity 1&2 my super ex girl friend it takes two look whos talking 1&2&3 last house on the left Paul.
  • Lifestyle

    i like long hair and cut pants and tube tops.


    i like basket ball,soccer,baseball,skipping,and running, vollyball
  • Arts

    i love to paint and draw


    well i love to hang with my friends,listen to music and play every sport i can think of. And skateboard, snowboard,

the ting tings

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