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ponyboy curtis


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disneyprincess21 added this comment  2011-09-24 18:45:11-05:00

ya we did read it for school... and no it wasnt a good book... it was an AMAZING book!!!

ally4950 added this comment  2011-03-20 17:53:09-05:00

awesome glog

xxxhellxxx added this comment  2011-03-20 17:51:08-05:00

love it lol u sure are obssesed wit him more than me :(

louann424 added this comment  2011-03-20 17:45:12-05:00

love it

disneyprincess21 added this comment  2011-03-27 10:58:02-05:00

nooooo jake im not dont think that!!!!

emjo1 added this comment  2011-06-13 21:11:03-05:00

Cool! Did you read the book for school? We did. It was a good book!