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About me

  • About me

    I hate making this profiles >.> now u have an idea about me =P If not then check my glogs =) Well i also write poetry but too bad that u cant read it cuz is in spanish... I like purple? RAWR nah i really sux at maKin this profiles; BTW my english isnt that great as u can see >.> but i give a shit bcuz i learned it by myself xD i love music more than myself, (yeah im Egocentric) i love girls and even more how they smell sometimes >.>, i love to read epic books, comedys and romantics... bla bla Add me >.>
  • Music

    Rock, acid jazz, jazz, chillout, rock-pop... more rock!


    that 70's show, friends, ER, one tree hill, death note, evangelion, etc etc etc etc... xD i dont even watch tv
  • Lifestyle

    well i dont like to take my life that serios... i live for someone or something that could gimmie a reason. Still lookin for it... (dont ask me to comments ur glogs please, i will rate and alert always but i only comment if really worth it)


    no way ima lazy ass >.>
  • Arts

    i love the work of these freelance ilustrators, ( agood example is Ralph Horsley) I love Milán Kundera's books.


Richard Ashcroft Tribute

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