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About me

  • About me

    I am NOT anormal gurl. I am ALWAYS gunna be myself, and not a fake like some people.... No, I will NEVA try to change myself, because I have realised I am different, independant, and I luv all my friends c: My friendz r Felish, Vee, Abbey.S, Steph, Gemma, Alex.C, Katie, Claudia, Dana, and Alana c: c: I luv all my friends :)
  • Music

    I like pop, metal, and the bluuuuuezzz, oh yer and of course..... JUSTIN BIEBER IZ LIKE THE BEST MUSICIAN EVAAA!!!!!!! (xcept 4 mnm on da drumz) but my fave song is electric feel :)


    i like thrillers and action movies. and soooo not documentariezzzz, JB NEVER SAY NEVER :) and Shes da man, and HP 7 part 2 It's got Tom Felton in it :P
  • Lifestyle

    I Dream, Dance, Love, Sing, Laugh and Live!! I never want to let the feeling of love let me go......


    i play local, club rep and state basketball, so i guess im pretty sportay lol xD oh yer and JUSTIN BIEBER PLAYZ BASKETBALL!!!! YER HE LUVZ MEH :) soccers a cool game, even though im crap at it!! :D (NEED COCO to teac me howta play:)
  • Arts

    I'm in extention art 4 skool, and my artwork got put up in the libary :) oh yer, and i like to draw famous peepz like JUSTIN DREW BIEBER :P and TOM FELTON :P, sometimes coco :)


    Plzzzz rate my glogzzz and comment on 'em :) (\/) (\/) ( ..) (.. ) C(")(") (")(")@ Pudding^ Me^ (First rabbit was made by Vee:) ||| (_)> Rooster :)


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