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So I'll unfriend you

So I'll unfriend you


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chalkdawg added this comment  2012-01-02 11:09:51-06:00

Well done! Definite like.

kaylagroshek added this comment  2011-08-23 14:31:27-05:00

This is really good. You did an amazing job! liked and rated! please return the favor? :)

greysonlover55 added this comment  2011-08-11 12:33:36-05:00

i liked and rated please do the same for me!

caitygray14 added this comment  2011-08-16 15:40:42-05:00

Good Job! Liked and Rated, could you return the favor?

codygreysonfan added this comment  2011-08-12 22:36:50-05:00

Check out my glogs? (: Home is in your eyes(: (my favorite) Heart Like Stone(: Cheyenne(: Stranded(: Unfriend You(: and my newest one Little London Girl(:

gothgirl added this comment  2011-08-11 03:19:46-05:00


greysonatorrr added this comment  2011-08-22 16:19:53-05:00

This is really good. You did an amazing job! :) Rated and Liked! :D Take a look at mine? :)

greysonfan added this comment  2011-08-12 18:27:17-05:00

Awesome Job! I liked and rated! ( I am the 5th to star and the 2nd to like :) Please rate and like mine :)

mugsylove310 added this comment  2011-08-14 12:51:10-05:00

i liked and rated yours plz like and rate mine

rubixcuber added this comment  2011-08-12 10:29:53-05:00

I'll like and rate 5 stars if you do the same for my glog Thanks!

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