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About me

  • About me

    well let's see...i luv a good "lol", which isn't hard 2 find 4 me__PROUD 2 BE A CRAZY, SMART BLONDE (blondies r sooo krakalackin!!) and i can b a flirt sometimes, so guys, if i call u hot or kute, just know im not trying 2 come on 2 u, i just like the way u look! ^^
  • Music

    basically anything i can dance 2! u no that fred doood on youtube? (i no, b jealous) i luuuuuv his christmas music vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (even tho he only has 2 teehee)


    CoMeDy, CoMeDy, CoMeDy and HORROR (w/ lotsa blooooood muhahahahaha! >:D)
  • Lifestyle

    luv animals 2 death__a strong believer in WOMEN'S RIGHTS and ANIMAL RIGHTS__outgoing and luv 2 PARATAY, and DANCE DANCE DANCE!!...pretty good at it 2 ^u^__ANIMALUVING FREAK__idk, i guess my life is pretty fun afterall


    mostly play sports 4 fun, anywhere from football to tennis (even tho i suk), but i watch different sports on TV 2
  • Arts

    being my wierd, crazy self so every1 thinks im high on somethang (it's usually only chocolate milk, so don't worry ;D)


    kinda like the smell of skunk, opossum, and horse farm__baby-talk my pets__randomly break out in dance if i hear a good song__have a good sense of humor__definitely a FOODaholic XD__well, i luv meeting new ppl, so y don't u message me 2 we can get 2 know

Homosexuality (Philosophy and Ethics)

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