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Kissing U


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thomasman added this comment  2011-06-22 01:13:53-05:00

hehe, can't play the piano maybe the second ;) love it

toolazytousespacebars added this comment  2011-06-21 13:50:46-05:00

That is beautiful, and I love the feel too! I agree with Chalkdawg, Good job :)

chalkdawg added this comment  2011-06-21 13:17:39-05:00

Love the vintage feel of this, although I'm left wondering which I'm to try on the piano. Ah, I'll flip a coin. 5 woofs.

lizzie98 added this comment  2011-06-29 14:13:36-05:00

Mhmm, Mona got that right. C: Miss Musician.

marie3 added this comment  2011-06-21 08:02:53-05:00

Very good! 5* alert!:)

mona2010 added this comment  2011-06-22 14:37:06-05:00

i can only try kissing someone on the piano ... can't play ... sigh.. wish I could ... play piano but mostly guitar :) A lil bird told me you can ... and u can play the violin too :) You're the musician fairy around us. Luv u :) and ur glogs always always