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Glogster isnt the same...

Glogster isnt the same...


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minutestomidnight added this comment  2014-06-30 05:34:30-05:00

Ugh it freaking cut off on me! FRICK FRACK GLOGSTER. You're just plain, horrible! Alrighty. Anyway. Whenever you see this, if you do. Message me! THAT GOES FOR ANYONE ELSE TOO. It's reunion time!

minutestomidnight added this comment  2014-06-30 05:32:38-05:00

My beautiful, sweet, wonderful friend Mac. I miss you and the old glogster so much too! You probably don't remember a little girl named Hailey, because she barely remembers you also. So many of us have grown up and can barely compile enough effort to contact all of our old friends again, let alone visit this new, terrible updated website frequently. But the most important thing is that even if we can barely remember all that was said and done here, we all know one thing - we grew up together. We made eachother feel whole and happy when the real world around us couldn't. And I think that's what is missed the most. Ugh. I don't even know what I'm trying to say. It's 3:30 here and I felt alone and decided "what the hell" and made my first actual quality glog since the update happened. Then I stumbled upon on this and saw that it was the most recent thing I've seen from anyone! Mac, I want a reunion! I want to share all the crazy experiences and hear of others' as well, I miss everyone, I ...

krazykat added this comment  2014-04-13 10:09:54-05:00

I still, per se, make glogs, but understand your perception as well. I myself dislike this new update(s) and for a couple months when it first happened, I lost a lot of contacts with good friends because they stopped getting on, and also couldn't figure out how to make and publish glogs. Now I do, but still irritates me a bit, regardless. Know how you feel, Dylan. Same perception.