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blesthintico1978 added this comment  2012-12-14 04:34:03-06:00

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dannii101 added this comment  2009-08-30 04:50:45-05:00

Wow,thi is sad but vry beautiful. Almost made me cry :')

lilbitch4eva added this comment  2009-05-11 07:11:50-05:00

ong this is so good it made me cry

liesfortheliar added this comment  2009-05-10 12:16:41-05:00

OMG AMAZING. :| im in tears.. i have goosebumps this is amazing,!

actressalyssa added this comment  2009-05-10 02:03:50-05:00

wow that made me cry

preusky added this comment  2009-06-04 11:21:28-05:00

lame?! are u kidding me?! its made me cry! its so sad and i loved it!

queenmaddy added this comment  2009-05-02 09:49:53-05:00

omg that is soooo sad omg!! this is beautful! :(

hershybars1996 added this comment  2009-05-01 17:43:31-05:00

OMG that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad and a really good glog. Im so totally adding it to my favs!!!

lichhound98 added this comment  2009-05-01 16:22:11-05:00

this is so deep...yet somewhat depressing its like wonderful!!!

mycau added this comment  2009-05-01 13:49:31-05:00

I missed you. And don't EVER say that your glogs are lame... Like really! This is so wonderful... I love it!!! And I am happy to see you back xx

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