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About me

  • About me

    Hey everyone. How are you? I miss you guys so much, but my parents are going craY cuz they think I'm all craZy and shit. Whatever. Life goes on. But I hope that all of you guys hve great times without me;) love most of you gloggers! <33333 c ya in he next life! Or maybe when my band picks up :) truly yours-dudetotally :)
  • Music

    i love music. halestorm, nickelback, linkin park, audioslave, all american rejects, AC/DC, Queen, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, flyleaf, yea and others


    my fav movie is lion king...dont laugh at me it rox. my fav show is tom and jerry cuz even tho there is barely any sound, they still seem to make me laugh
  • Lifestyle

    sitting alone without anyone beside me because everyone that has the guts to come and sit with me usually gets screwed over in the end cuz they realize im not worth their trouble


    i play pretty much every sport. football, basketball, track, cross country and i hip hop dance and ballet. im a dancin fool babe!
  • Arts

    haha stick figures count??

    Others always cold and my frens always make fun of me cuz of it.

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