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Fakes! :D


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schniederc added this comment  2012-03-26 11:22:01-05:00

that makes me very mad stop using google pics

sexychick144 added this comment  2012-03-08 21:35:37-06:00

ik it so annoying

cindybm added this comment  2012-03-08 21:33:31-06:00

thank you for making this glog. and fakes who gives a fuck about what you look like just dont post a pic of yourself. simple.

iwantyourlove added this comment  2012-01-26 14:02:22-06:00

i totally agree!!!!!

youngmedicalintern added this comment  2012-01-20 22:59:37-06:00

hehe...there are artists and actors on glogster...and fakers from both...colorful world :)..take it easy and try to find true friends..eyes are more helpless than heart in that case;)

cindybm added this comment  2012-01-20 22:53:38-06:00

yeah its so annoying. i hate fakes

alexanderloversyou added this comment  2012-01-03 08:46:32-06:00

Oh go fuck off bitch i dont need your shit.

alexanderloversyou added this comment  2012-01-03 08:46:22-06:00

Oh go fuck off bitch i dont need your shit.

eatmewhileimhot17 added this comment  2011-12-09 10:09:38-06:00

@Alexanderlovesyou - prove your fucking not then :) take a picture of you with your username written on a peace of paper :) and then ill prove ur not.

alexanderloversyou added this comment  2011-12-09 10:02:34-06:00

Call me fake ill kick your ass -.-

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