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About me

  • About me

    Gemma Leigh Barlow is my offiical name, you don't want to know what things other people call me xD I'm 14 years old but I never act my age. I'll either act like I'm 5 years old or 50. I love literature and I'm at my happiest when I'm reading. I'll try any book whether it seems interesting or not. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter (': I also love anime, manga, Japanese culture and music. I listen to every type of music, rock, pop, rap, indie, screamo, electronica, classical, you name it I'll listen to it. E
  • Music

    Everything from heavy metal to Jpop and everything inbetween


    The mighty boosh, Antique Bakery, Harry Potter, Raing Hope ect ect
  • Lifestyle

    Live for today


    Quidditch? xD
  • Arts

    I like photography and drawing


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Mirror Mirror

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