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About me

  • About me

    Hi im Sarah! I'm random and hyper sometimes with my besties =) I Have a friend who is with God now, Leah =) I always keep Jesus in my life no matter what =) Well Thats me =) Also my fav word is Pizza nuggets ;) ▓ ° ô ╥ ☼ ╔ ♀ o ♥
  • Music

    I love Justin Bieber, He is so hot, Sean Kingston, Taio Cruz, Blacked eyed peas, Kings of leon, Enimen and I love Sarah Mcglaughin, *arms of the angel is leahs song =)* Also I love avri lavigne since her style is so original! Well i love


    I Watch some things still on disney im getting kinda old for it now, i love murder shows and i love A lot of movies so yeah =) Orphan =) its my fave!
  • Lifestyle

    I'm in 7th grade, im 12 years old *i'll be 13 on June 22nd* Im a fast runner since im hyper i will do track in spring and i love swimming!


    Im a good runner from being hyper, i used to do cheering, i love to swim and im pretty athletic except some days where im just lazy ;)
  • Arts

    I used to play piano but i couldnt take lessons anymore sadly i hope to do it again some day and im very good in art this year, last year i sucked but im good now and i love to write =)


    Well I love Zebra print, neon colors and splatter paint. I dont follow the "in Crowd" I have my own style =) And I Hate gossipers =P Well enjoy me! God Bless you all =D

Justin Bieber

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