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Save the Wolves

Save the Wolves


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saramichellemercuryy added this comment  2013-03-06 07:59:58-06:00

That is terrible :/ poor babies

miesetebuck1979 added this comment  2012-12-13 13:54:07-06:00

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westerngurl added this comment  2012-11-18 09:55:23-06:00

I love wolves so much! This made me so sad.

xnita91798 added this comment  2012-07-22 19:43:02-05:00

i relly like this and its true lol :))

ehilly927 added this comment  2011-11-08 21:28:08-06:00

imagine shooting your own dog when people shoot the wolves.

ehilly927 added this comment  2011-11-08 21:27:17-06:00

SAVE THE WOLVES they make the world go round god put us all here moose and wolves dont kill either. WE ALL deserve a chance.

wolfgirl15 added this comment  2010-12-30 21:50:54-06:00

Im crying. no joke! Wolves are my favorite animal in the world. ppl plz protect them!

snoopy1234566 added this comment  2010-12-30 20:05:11-06:00

I will try 2

pybgirl28 added this comment  2010-12-30 15:27:47-06:00

awww they r so cute! Awesome glog!

sara222 added this comment  2010-12-30 15:26:57-06:00

q monos perolo mios tampoco estan mal estan muy bien estos y los mios

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