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Sun or Moon


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danih10 added this comment  2012-02-09 19:40:17-06:00

OMG i luv greek mythology nd yea id rather b artemis 2 i just luv the moon!!! gr8 glog!!! :D

sarair added this comment  2012-02-09 19:37:39-06:00

lets see: should i pick Apollo or Artemis? hmmmmm....... I pick Artemis, goddess of moon in greek mythology! :) nice glog!

youngmedicalintern added this comment  2012-02-09 18:37:35-06:00

so lovely..favzz

kiddiekuri added this comment  2011-03-19 21:54:11-05:00

This reminds me of someone *tear* it's beautiful

adrianma added this comment  2011-03-19 21:51:55-05:00

wowza i agree big time luv the song!

keyyahh added this comment  2011-03-19 21:45:05-05:00

i love thi!! 5* I LOVE THIS SONG. & hey... check out this glog? please? thanks(:

skippee1 added this comment  2011-03-19 21:43:50-05:00

i love it maybe i could get some lessons lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iliv4lake added this comment  2011-03-19 21:37:42-05:00

OMG! LUV THIS GLOG! jealous! I`m TOTALLY jealous! it`s cute and sweet and adorable as my puppy!luv it!

knamken added this comment  2011-03-19 21:17:17-05:00


bebesue added this comment  2011-03-19 21:10:08-05:00

adorable as me

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