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mohammedshehata added this comment  2013-01-19 08:54:34-06:00

Great Blog. Thank you very much for sharing my friend :)

worldteacher added this comment  2013-01-13 21:52:08-06:00

Great Glog, Evelyn! I'm now inspired to create my own!

toadie1951 added this comment  2013-01-13 20:02:21-06:00

I really like your Glogster. It is not overwhelming and easy to follow and still presents a good picture of who you are.

augustorunner added this comment  2012-11-19 13:03:29-06:00

Nice ! very informative teacher!

evelynizquierdo added this comment  2012-11-17 12:14:26-06:00

Thank you very much, Vianey, for your sweet comment.

viany91 added this comment  2012-11-17 11:40:10-06:00

Nice Glog teacher, i loved it

evelynizquierdo added this comment  2012-01-09 19:53:59-06:00

Thanks so much, Janet and Teadira, for your sweet comments. Your glogs are also beautiful! :D

janetabruzzo added this comment  2012-01-09 11:35:40-06:00

What a lovely, interactive and fun glog!! It's really cool:-)

teadira added this comment  2012-01-04 17:28:40-06:00

Great pictures :)

nagora added this comment  2011-10-30 15:10:52-05:00

Great presentation, dear Eve!