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FAQs and Answers

What should I do on Glogster?

Glogster is a revolutionary way of expressing your moods, feelings, and ideas. Creating a Glog lets you express all those things you can’tput in words. Choose a background, throw in some graphics from our galleries, add text, your own videos, photos, and music, and there you go! A Glogmasterpiece.

If you need some inspiration, click “Explore” to view top Glogs, users,and tags. If you see a Glog you like, add it to your favorites or become a fan of its creator.

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How do I make more friends?

Click “Explore” to view top Glogs and users. If you see a user who stands out from the rest, click on their Glogster to send a friend request, become a fan, or send a message. Click the “i” icon on a Glog thumbnail to quickly add it to your favorites or view the creator’s Glogster.

Don’t forget to create your own Glogs to attract friends and fans. If users like your Glogs, they will be more likely to add you as a friend. Leave helpful Glog comments, send messages, and repost your favorite Glogs. The more active you are on Glogster, the more friends you’ll make!

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What are G points?

G points are a reward for your activity on Glogster. Simply put – the more active you are, the more G points you earn. This includes creating good Glogs, inviting friends, getting fans, and more. To see all the ways to earn G points, read "How are G points calculated?"

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How do I get more G points?

Send your Glogs to your friends and share them on your online profiles. When your Glog gets a lot of activity like views, likes, reposts, and favorites, you get G points! (To find out how to show off your Glogs, read “How do I share my Glogs?”) If your Glog becomes popular, it may become a Mover & Shaker or get featured in Explore, which also earns you G points. (Read “What are Movers & Shakers?”)

If you’re not interested in showing off your Glogs online, you can get G points for other activities, too. Inviting other people to join Glogster is a great way to earn G points – you can send your friends an email invite right from your Glogster page. To see all the ways to earn G points, read "How are G points calculated?"

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More ways how you can get G's

Action Points
Registering on Glogster + 50
Inviting a friend from Facebook who registers on Glogster + 100
Glog selected as Mover & Shaker + 50
Filling out all account informations + 100

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What are Movers & Shakers?

Movers & Shakers are chosen by The Glogster Team. If your Glog is a Mover & Shaker, it means that we consider it one of the best Glogs on Glogster—that it’s creative, funny, innovative, or interesting in some way.

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How do I share my Glogs?

  • The easiest way to share a Glog is by using the “Share Glog” function. The Share button above your Glog allows you to post your Glog on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. The button also allows you to send the Glog to your friends via email.
  • Click the Like button to Like your Glog on Glogster, Facebook, or +1 on Google+.
  • You can also repost your Glog, which will make it appear on your Glogster and Pulse. This is a great way to share Glogs with your friends on Glogster.
  • If a Glog is Private, only its creator can share it.

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What does it mean to star posts in Pulse?

Pulse is a live feed of what’s happening on Glogster. Sometimes new things are happening so fast, it’s hard to keep up! When you see a status update, Glog comment, or other news that you want to save for later, click the star button underneath the post. This will add the post to your Starred tab. To remove a post from your Starred tab, just click the star again.

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Can I change a vertical Glog into a horizontal Glog (or vice versa)?

No. When you click “Post new Glog,” you have the option to create a horizontal or vertical Glog. Once you choose and start creating, there is no turning back. We can’t convert a vertical Glog to a horizontal Glog, or vice versa.

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What is The Glogster Commando?

The Commando is an elite group of the best Gloggers on Glogster. Commandos get special rewards, privileges, and responsibilities. It’s not easy to get in The Commando, so those who do are the most respected and well-known Gloggers on the site!

If you are chosen to be in the Commando, you’ll be an honorary member of The Glogster Team, and we’ll send you special missions to enjoy. When we test new Glogster features, you’ll be the first to try them out! You’ll also be featured in a Glog and get a special Commando badge on your Glogster.

If you want to be part of The Commando, create Glogs, make friends, get fans, and help other Gloggers! If you are active, creative, and unique, other Gloggers will notice and nominate you. Getting into The Commando is about more than just having lots of points, friends, or fans – though those things do help you stand out. To be a Commando, you must show a true enthusiasm for Glogging and the Glogster community!

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What is a private Glog?

If a Glog is private, it is not displayed on Glogster. It can only be shared by its creator, and people must know its URL address to view it. For example, if you want to make a Glog about your vacation but don’t want to share photos of you and your family online, you can make a private Glog and send the URL to your friends.

If a Glog is public, any user can view, print, or share it online.

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What is inappropriate content?

Inappropriate content is any content that contains racism, nudity, pornography or anything unsuitable for an audience of 18 years and younger. If 5 users click the inappropriate tag on your Glog, the Glog will be hidden. Then, only our administrators can change the status of your Glog. If The Glogster Team finds any Glog inappropriate, the Glog will be erased immediately.

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How do I change my picture, password, email address, or email preferences?

For all of the above, go to Account Settings in the upper right hand corner. Please note that if you register with your Facebook account, you must change your password on Facebook, not Glogster.

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How do I set up a custom domain for My Glogster?

Setting up a custom domain allows you to host your Glogster page with a custom URL, such as “”

Once you have purchased your domain, go to your Glogster page and click “Custom domain.” Type in your domain address and click “Use it.” If you are the administrator of your domain, you will need to set up the DNS to point to the IP address If you are not the administrator of the domain, contact your administrator to set it up for you. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for changes to take effect.

Once your custom domain is set up, users can access your Glogster page through your custom URL address.

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How does autosave work?

Glogster periodically saves your Glog to keep you from losing changes while you edit. When you click “Save,” you may receive a pop-up requesting to store information on your computer. Please click “Allow.”

The autosave feature will not work in the following three scenarios, which may cause your computer screen to freeze. If this happens, please perform the necessary upgrades in bold below. Once you upgrade your browser and/or Flash Player, the autosave feature will work properly.

Operating system: Windows XP
Flash Player version: WIN
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1
Upgrade browser to Mozilla Firefox 5.0

Operating system: Windows XP
Flash Player version: older than WIN
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1
Upgrade Flash Player version to WIN or higher AND upgrade browser to Mozilla Firefox 5.0

Operating system: Mac OS 10.5.8
Flash Player version: MAC
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.6.6
Upgrade browser to Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1

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I am an educator. How do I use Glogster in my classroom? is a public site intended for general use. For a safe, private, and controlled setting for teachers and students, please use Glogster EDU at

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Supported audio and video file formats


  • audio ".aac", ".aiff", ".m4a", ".mp1", ".mp2", ".mp3", ".ogg", ".wav", ".wma"
  • video ".asf", ".avi", ".m2v", ".mpeg", ".mpg", ".nsv", ".wmv", ".mp4", ".flv",".mov",".m4v"
  • image ".jpg", ".jpe", ".jpeg", ".bmp", ".gif", ".tif", ".tiff", ".png", ".pcx", ".wmf", ".tga", ".cr2", ".nef", ".dng", ".pef"
  • audio: mp3
  • video: flv + youtube url
  • image: jpg, png, bmp, gifv

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Old G's recalculation formula

Your G points have been recalculated by dividing the old amount of G's by 10, and then rounding them to the nearest 50 or 100. 

For example: If your old amount of G's was 8978, it was divided by 10, giving you 897.8. That number was then rounded up to the nearest 100, so your new amount of G's is: 900. 

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