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Shooting Star- Owl City

Shooting Star- Owl City


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fersheys added this comment  2012-09-07 19:27:32-05:00

why, thank youu c;

cindybm added this comment  2012-08-02 19:28:03-05:00

Beautiful C:

fersheys added this comment  2012-07-18 15:17:59-05:00

ohmigod, thanks guys<3 i truly appreciate it. i miss making glogs but i'm back<3

shashia added this comment  2012-07-18 15:02:45-05:00

Amazing as always Fersheys <3 !! The amazing colors go together nicly. Ohh i missed seeing your glogs.

kristamatthews1 added this comment  2012-07-18 12:53:51-05:00

I love this sooo much!!

martyistheparty added this comment  2012-07-18 12:50:15-05:00

Oh My God, Its Absolutely Brilliant, I Love This Song And Glog ♥

fersheys added this comment  2012-06-13 13:14:44-05:00

oh, m'dear. this is absolutely beautiful so far. -Erin