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The real world.

The real world.


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fersheys added this comment  2013-04-02 21:03:12-05:00

Kat! Thank you so much <3 I miss you a lot. Smerfy Awesome. Ah, the good ol' days.

martyistheparty added this comment  2012-06-13 13:28:20-05:00

This Is Fantastic Mafer. Love It ♥

chalkdawg added this comment  2011-09-15 23:10:02-05:00

Aw, very well done! 5 woofs.

toolazytousespacebars added this comment  2011-09-15 17:45:27-05:00

This is absolutely beautfiul. I mean it. It's so beautiful < 3 I love it Yes my darling Smerfy Awesome :)

gothgirl added this comment  2011-09-14 19:41:12-05:00

aww lovely!!

charmmykitty added this comment  2011-09-14 16:30:51-05:00

Omg this is beyond gorgeous!!

mona2010 added this comment  2011-09-26 10:38:36-05:00

great one :)

lizzie98 added this comment  2011-09-25 23:12:24-05:00

this is just.. whoa! i adore this glog. i'm not blowin' smoke. i'm serious. it's breathtaking! FOR REALZZ GIRL!