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About me

  • About me

    Clicked on my profile?! Sweet!! I luv skittles!! & the beach(anything/where tropical I luv) my day isn't complete till I talk 2 evan(chewyE424)
  • Music

    Cookie Cutter- Pretty Ricky(evan got me in2 it) Just The Way You Are, Magic, and alot more!!!


    Bily Madison, pretty much any Adam Sandler movie, The Lightning Thief, The Last Song, Full House, & tons more!!
  • Lifestyle

    Hanging out with my frends, texting, eating skittles, going 2 the beach, & making my frends happy:)


    Field hockey, LAX, basketball, I like watching baseball games, I did swimming 4 like 2 years when I was 6, did gymnastics when I was 4, & thts about it
  • Arts

    Drawing, sketching, STICK FIGURES!!!!! & coloring in kiddie coloring books


    My favorite colors are blue, green, & purple, I'm very random, I get distracted easily like omg did u see tht bird on the tree?! Questions? Comment or Message me:) FEEL THE RAINBOW, TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!!

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