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About me

  • About me

    short spiky hair(when i get it cut) green eyes.......height- 5'1. wieght- 100 lbs. likes-pomogrates, lemons, limes, sour candy,dr peper,reading writing drawing dislikes-mean people, people who add me on glogster and than dont talk to me, tuna or any type of fish/seafood,
  • Music

    hawthorne hieghts, fall out boy, my chemical romance, cute is what we aim for, deathcab for a cutie, emilie autunm, abney park, linkin park, gorillaz, brokencyde, dashboard confessional, plus lots more that i cant think of.


    pagemaster, felidae, the explorations of jasper morello, spirited away(not the one with horses), Wall-e, plus lots more that i cant think of.
  • Lifestyle

    lifestyle? meh i dunno


    none.........or made up ones such as blitzball or quiditch
  • Arts

    i write, i read, i draw. yay


    what is this other of which you speak?

terrarium (plants in bottles)

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