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About me

  • About me

    I'm Stephanie. I'm asain. I get crazy over candy and sweets. I'm a little psycho sometimes (in a good way). I'm very laughable and very ticklish... some reason I just had to add that. I'm really, really random! Add me! I love emos and gay people! I also love people who could talk about a good convo. and random people! (like me!) so...yea. Add me! ^-^
  • Music

    FF5 = Family Force 5 My chemical romance Blood on the dance floor


    Rush Hour 1,2, and 3 House Castle house other stuff i can't remember
  • Lifestyle

    Let's just say odd...


    soccer, but I suck other than that nada!
  • Arts

    I like to draw a lot. I take a while but I can draw anime.

Christmas Songs

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