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glogprincess added this comment  2009-01-06 17:36:53-06:00

gwald gwald! (welsh national anthem rocks lol) rocks man!...well mega boi!

devilla added this comment  2008-08-29 14:48:45-05:00

ma mum is from wales and she always made us welsh cakes when i was younger - but she made me ones without raisons cus i dnt like em

zanthera added this comment  2008-02-20 06:02:13-06:00

Oh very informative and well composed!! 5 indeed!

santy added this comment  2008-02-20 05:03:08-06:00

hey there very nice Glog. Good job!

hannamell added this comment  2008-08-31 10:13:28-05:00

Weeyy Heyy :) this isOsumm :D prOper Welsh , xxxx