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Unfinished Glog #1

Unfinished Glog #1


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speedfreak99 added this comment  2012-02-03 09:41:13-06:00

I believe the story should have ended with Tink coming home, then John and his father bringing the sheep back down from the haymeadow and John's father telling him more about his great-grandfather and mother. A lot of questions went unanswered!

warrior6562 added this comment  2012-02-01 11:45:29-06:00

It should've ended with less mystery and more answers, to much stuff went unanswered.

claymoredeath added this comment  2012-02-01 11:33:36-06:00

Trenton's Post: I believe that the story should've ended with Tink coming out to spend some quality time with John and John's dad. There're so many things John hasn't asked yet! That's just my opinion, though.

claymoredeath added this comment  2012-02-01 11:31:40-06:00

The ending of The Haymeadow should be a little different or they could make another book. (I'm not sure if there is one) It should have told if Tink got out of the hospital just fine or if he has to stay on medications.

techgal55 added this comment  2012-02-01 11:31:37-06:00

I think the ending of the story should've been that John's father would teach him more on how to heal a sheep or lamb next time it gets wounded better. And for John's father to stay longer, for about 6 months, to help John learn more about the sheep and the dogs, but I still enjoyed the ending of the book the way it was. (:

partiegurl added this comment  2012-02-01 11:28:27-06:00

I think John and his father should do something fun and exciting together and John should grow up and turn out to be like his father and forgive his great grandfather for what he did... but who knows what will happen? Something bad or something good?... :) ):

k-a-p added this comment  2012-02-01 08:55:08-06:00

The ending of The Haymeadow should be more hardships being faced like robbers, wolf, and a forest fire. They should pull through but with wounds, less sheep, maybe even only three dogs and one leg.

m16 added this comment  2012-02-01 08:50:08-06:00

what i think should of happened, was have John and his father work the herd together and his father elaborates on John's mom.....tell him what she was like and have them walk down the mountain together

wilkinz123 added this comment  2012-01-31 07:44:11-06:00

I think that the story should have ended with John and his father go out and herd the sheep together. I think that would have been a good ending! I loved this book so much.

kidspy added this comment  2012-01-31 07:42:05-06:00

I think that it should have ended like this john and his father herding the sheep back to the town and john and his father had a better relationship at the end.

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