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About me

  • About me

    some people call me a emo but u no. i love my music i love panic at the disco, mcr, gc,fall out boy , all american rejects n bands lke that
  • Music

    emo music n rock music my favrite bands r 30 seconds to mars, afi, all american rejects, lostprophets, metro station, good charlotte , mcr, fall out boy , panic! at the disco, muce, korn, escape the fate, all time low, elliot minor, bring


    horror, final destination is proper scary me n lucy were hiding be hind pillows lol final destination 2 me lucy were being sick cause it was horrible n scary. i love supernatral, spongebob and anything really.
  • Lifestyle

    i dnt no


    horse riding
  • Arts

    i hate art


    Happiest When being wif me mates like lucy, libby, dom n alex n wen im in town lucy n Dominic n libby lucy is just 1 of the bst people alive she really funny n she means the world to me i dnt no wat i would do wif out her. its really funn

R.I.P granda!

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