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About me

  • About me

    Soon as my fellas get here, we filling up ever clear, inside of the Jungle Juice, and the Keg is here, got cups and triangles and there full of beer, pong balls go over the table in the air, moneys good everywhere but moneys better here, never make it rain so no need for your weather gear, Staxx here hittin the biddies up, choos rollin the dudes up, sav cookin the food up, you niggas is tryin, my niggas do what it do brah
  • Music

    i said im here staxx, you know that im here staxx, if this girl here we gone pair like some miramax, let me stop man, y'all not ready for them bars yet, i mean, mixtape droppin soon, its gone be real FUN, its gone be real FUN my man,


    damn but im bout to get back to this general Tso, aight, imma holla at y'all niggas mayne, MUNEY!
  • Lifestyle

    niggas never measure up, YOU better get a rula, ridin like a cruisa but im gettin off on the next stop, on the next block, chill like a rest stop, i put the E in Ecstacy, in the X to See to make the sex pop, tell em to save it like an xbox, hold up let me

My newest song- Young Fly Dope Shit

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