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Big Time Rush V.S One Derection

Big Time Rush V.S One Derection


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jennapc added this comment  2013-01-07 22:57:28-06:00

UH... One Direction, DUH!!:)

rowrowrox added this comment  2012-08-27 18:44:18-05:00

1D all the way sry i really don't like BTR

malmalhot added this comment  2012-06-25 13:34:19-05:00

um..... One Direction

jennapc added this comment  2012-06-19 14:22:32-05:00

do not read this cause u will get kissed on the nearest possible day tommorow will b thegreatestdayof ur life do not stop readin this cause u ahave already started readin this onat least5profiles when u r done press f6 and ur crushes name will b on the screen in bigletters!!!!!!!

zendaya2 added this comment  2012-06-19 08:25:19-05:00

One direction is better!

godsnerd added this comment  2012-05-29 14:35:03-05:00

Not that I want to be mean...srry if I hurt you.

godsnerd added this comment  2012-05-29 14:34:23-05:00

Big time rush! OD sucks! They can not sing at all.