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love lasts forever

love lasts forever


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kaylarl added this comment  2009-10-02 20:19:09-05:00

awwwwww!!!! how sweet! jeez why cant my bf tell me that!!!!

gothgirl added this comment  2009-09-30 22:52:39-05:00

aww this is beautiful:)

xxsmileychicaaa added this comment  2009-09-30 20:04:08-05:00

o my god... lol. this makes me think of what me and my boyfriend tell eachother. :) it made me cry! lol. in a good way though :)

toxicxtree added this comment  2009-09-30 19:21:34-05:00

Aweh! cutee! =]

glamerous added this comment  2010-07-22 01:18:09-05:00

lol >_<