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Bigger and Better G's - how it works

Bigger and Better G's - how it works


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gothgirl added this comment  2012-08-08 18:29:48-05:00

i can see what you are trying to do and like you said G's were worthless before but i wonder if this will make any diff..i just used 200gs and wonder if it worked lol.. may as well hang in there and give it a chance tho the latest comments are not very positive:(

zakfalco added this comment  2012-08-08 16:14:51-05:00

i agree with blackviolet

blackviolet9 added this comment  2012-08-08 16:13:19-05:00

coolangel is right the old way of calculating was better you're just using this to try and get us to invite more people for the site for more traffic

jbmar11994 added this comment  2012-08-08 16:08:41-05:00

same i used to have like 2000 and now zero wtf??? and cool angel is right.. we should earn g's for making glogs, and all that other stuff... this way just makes our amount of g's depending on if people want to get on this site or not... and over half the people wont even care.. its not fair!!! all the people that commented were right!!! this is bullshit... it used to be a free way to ake glogs and express your feelings but now, all us little kids, (who dont have any way of earning money) have top pull shit out of our ass!! i am sorry but this change will make people not want to get on glogster at all... also its says you get g's for starting with glogster... what about all the people that were already on it??? so we dont get a chance to get g's... wow thanks!

suryt added this comment  2012-08-08 15:06:05-05:00

I use to have like 15,oo g's. Now i have like 1,450 G'S.No improvement. liked it when you could get g' for fanning people and when people liked and loved your glogs.

coolangel added this comment  2012-08-08 14:37:18-05:00

i think that wee should earn g's from making glogs getting fans and likes on our account. i do not think someone is just going to give there info of there credit cards to a site that can conmit identiy theif. i think that we should get our g's back and still earn them.

blueviola121 added this comment  2012-08-08 14:20:38-05:00

I think Glogster will make money from this. Other websites have done this and they've done well. I think it mostly depends on the age of Glogster users and how many of them actually have credit cards. I think Glogster should sell giftcards in stores, for those who don't have credit cards, or aren't willing to provide their personal information. Farmville, Neopets, and Meez do it and I'm pretty sure it's worked for them. I do hope there will me more ways to get Gs without spending money soon, though. Like 100 Glog views = 1 G or something. I love the idea.

iloveyouforeverandalways added this comment  2012-08-08 14:01:53-05:00

Wow.. this is nothing but shit. Congrats glogster. U didn't make an improvement. U really think ppl are gonna use a credit card to buy g points? No. All u did was sit thereby and took our points away tht we worked so hard to get. And now ur gonna lose more gloggers. U have made this like Facebook.. if I wanted it to be like Facebook.. I would go on Facebook and not here.. but Congrats. U just lost another glogger . One out of the many best gloggers u have.

bogomil added this comment  2012-08-08 12:26:03-05:00

@blueskittle7 Actually They GIVE you something, because the old G's were useless, now you can get something for them.

bogomil added this comment  2012-08-08 12:25:19-05:00

@jadedragon Why - Now you can actually CAN DO something with your G's and so you will have more things to 'buy'

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