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New G's & Wallet info

New G's & Wallet info


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james178 added this comment  2013-12-13 21:21:33-06:00


darkesttaco added this comment  2013-09-26 18:54:00-05:00

I'm 11 years old right now, and you dont see me nagging for g's e_e...Damn my old comment on this glog is dumb xD..Also, to correct that, I HATE WHAT YOU DID WITH THIS

oziluv added this comment  2013-09-26 18:39:35-05:00

i dont like this... its ok....

shenypie added this comment  2013-06-28 18:16:33-05:00

I don't have a facebook I need gs

shenypie added this comment  2013-06-28 18:15:41-05:00


shenypie added this comment  2013-06-28 18:15:33-05:00


shenypie added this comment  2013-06-28 18:15:05-05:00

ummm lets c u should give away 1oo gs a week 2 me because I cant do any of tht stuff and im 11 years old sorry byed

darkesttaco added this comment  2013-03-24 15:33:04-05:00

..and shaker xD

darkesttaco added this comment  2013-03-24 15:32:52-05:00

You can get G's by getting one of your glogs to be a mover or shaker c: @liv04

darkesttaco added this comment  2013-03-24 15:32:07-05:00

I love what you did with this <<33 ...but the point tht i have 0gs right now xD

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