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New G's & Wallet info

New G's & Wallet info


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left1661 added this comment  2012-11-09 20:10:00-06:00

Here is another link to my glog PROMOTING your new app hope you like it! :)

left1661 added this comment  2012-10-17 20:23:50-05:00

Next time glogster update you should really make it so if you get a veiw you get a G point and there should be more ways to get free G points and different way to spend G points I really enjoy glogster and so does everyone else these little errors would make glogster soooo much better I hope you take this in consideration because i'm sure you get a lot of these please add a comment on any of my glogs if you read this here is a link to one of my glogs:

liv04 added this comment  2012-09-02 13:40:08-05:00

same, i dont have facebook (cuz i rly dont want it :P ) so, how can i get G's???!!

lessie23 added this comment  2012-09-02 13:36:13-05:00

Ikr! I don't have a facebook and i want more g's!

benstonecorporationalphabase added this comment  2012-09-02 13:34:47-05:00

There should be something where if you dont have a facebook you can get g's

online-college added this comment  2012-08-29 07:35:36-05:00

captainsapphirejems added this comment  2012-08-24 10:33:44-05:00

I have the same problem as lessie23. My sister is going on about how i can't have facebook until i'm older, and it's a pain in the back -___-

coolangel added this comment  2012-08-18 18:28:27-05:00

i understand that every one thinks this sucks because it does but at lest they did not shut down the website and they want to expand there website i think in two to three years it will be as huge as facebook and the top gloggers will become maybe famous so i think it will work out

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