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bogomil added this comment  2012-08-08 07:57:25-05:00

@lessie23: Why?

lessie23 added this comment  2012-08-08 07:37:22-05:00

Love the new Glogster! Except for the fact I can't make any glogs....

patrix added this comment  2012-08-08 07:29:19-05:00

I luv this new Glogster, I started browsing Glogster mostly on my iPad, coolio...

bogomil added this comment  2012-08-07 07:57:09-05:00

@potterfan4eva: There is no app. Just browse the website from your phone

potterfan4eva added this comment  2012-08-06 09:26:12-05:00

wat is the app called

starbeautydynamite added this comment  2012-08-05 15:39:28-05:00

K i will will try on my i pad

paige1012 added this comment  2012-08-04 22:02:46-05:00

i searched glogs and gloster on the app store and it wont find it??

n1kk16 added this comment  2012-08-02 10:54:02-05:00

ill try it out on my ipad and iphone but does it really work?

blackviolet9 added this comment  2012-08-01 20:56:01-05:00

great ill have to try it out :)

patrix added this comment  2012-08-01 17:03:41-05:00

Me tested on iPhone, iPad and Samsung Smart TV, all great there :)

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