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no more boyfriend

no more boyfriend


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loryrous added this comment  2012-12-20 13:16:42-06:00

Wonderful song :)

mrscanto added this comment  2012-07-15 16:00:46-05:00

awwwwwwwwwww so sad but love the glog

zioe1999 added this comment  2012-03-01 17:50:25-06:00

awwwwwwwwww my feeling is with yours so awesome glog =D

roxy23 added this comment  2012-02-29 22:40:30-06:00

This how im feelin i luv it ^_^

youngmedicalintern added this comment  2012-02-29 22:25:17-06:00

the greatest illusion is that u could own ppl..though nice 1!

sarair added this comment  2012-02-29 22:24:27-06:00

i hear this glog.....the pain is starting to come again :/.....but nice glog :)

lovbug34 added this comment  2012-02-29 21:59:49-06:00

i wanna us this song in the next american idol tryouts :3

vambie added this comment  2012-02-29 21:58:09-06:00

Ughh I hate Adele:0 But cool glog.

jcasti4 added this comment  2011-12-24 23:16:29-06:00

so coool and i love this glog people sue comment more of this glog i wish it was mine so i can get so many good glog and the best one of all of themmm