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I'm Sorry...

I'm Sorry...


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championyee added this comment  2013-10-13 05:39:42-05:00

beautiful :)

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visualinsanity added this comment  2013-06-20 01:40:57-05:00

love the poem!! great glog...

16florer added this comment  2013-06-18 07:08:33-05:00

It's sad but dude I love it!! Great job!!

jessiewrestledabearonce added this comment  2013-06-17 21:03:56-05:00

Sad but I love it!

luv4harry added this comment  2013-06-17 19:21:16-05:00

love it.

hannahcabanes added this comment  2012-10-10 14:11:26-05:00

the pain of this , when it happens , is unbearable . I almost lost it , but he came back to catch me , just like he promised ....

jaydascharft added this comment  2012-08-23 04:07:02-05:00

I Love This Sooo Much <3

rachaelawesome added this comment  2012-08-20 19:03:59-05:00

i love that. its so sad.

altotheglogster added this comment  2012-07-15 18:30:45-05:00

You got read and read the wrong way round. Lands and Forests, yo.

kremi73 added this comment  2012-06-29 13:55:32-05:00

Wow beyond words......L&F

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