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Update and Sorry

Update and Sorry


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gothgirl added this comment  2013-07-24 19:27:02-05:00

its all good now..he is alot better:) fair work are onto his case to get his pay back they took from him so its happening slowly..thanks for all ur wishes xxxx

strawberrykiwifan added this comment  2013-07-17 11:42:31-05:00

Praying for you Mandy

naughtynurse added this comment  2013-07-14 11:30:56-05:00

Keeping you and your family in my prayers Mandy...

strawberrysarah102 added this comment  2013-07-14 01:04:18-05:00

stay strong! :( I love your glogs! I'll be praying!

oziluv added this comment  2013-07-13 21:27:25-05:00


oziluv added this comment  2013-07-13 21:27:11-05:00


gothgirl added this comment  2013-07-13 21:19:53-05:00

hey guys.. just letting you know that it doesnt look like danny has cancer:) but we still doing tests but putting it on back burner for now.. we think its cos of no oxygen in blood thats made him so sick and it takes a long time to recover so lets hope he will be on the mend soon.. ill be back next week to do g points and catch up on messages.. love and miss you all!!! love Mandyxxx p.s Danny thanks everyone who cared and sent their wishes.. he really appreciated it:):):) xxxxxxxxxxxx

patarhd added this comment  2013-07-13 11:14:20-05:00

Man Im very sorry goth girl about your husband I hope he feels better you and him are the most perfect couple I seen and I'm srry about not being in glogster for a long time because I'm in summer vacation but I hope he feels better good luck

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blackviolet9 added this comment  2013-07-12 16:47:26-05:00

this is terrible! its sickening! go talk to a local tv station right away! and we all understand Mandy its just gonna take time i hope Danny gets better xxx i see Danny is wearing a Metallica shirt they're from Massachusetts like me lol although they're from Western MA (Worcester) and i live on the Eastern side closer to Boston

sheeny8 added this comment  2013-07-12 12:22:52-05:00

the pictures are beautiful, and as always ur glogs bring tears to my eyes as i said befre ill support u anyway i can and i hope danny feels better ^_^

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