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What Are You Doing Glogster? Petition!

What Are You Doing Glogster? Petition!


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darkinvaderdoomirken added this comment  2015-01-28 15:23:04-06:00

write letters to glogster tell them never put any restrictions on glogster

mochatree added this comment  2010-09-14 19:25:16-05:00

!! Wow..just wow, glogster

rein added this comment  2010-09-14 19:23:17-05:00

Yea i have the same problem as you. It said i have 19 views when all my glogs are private and so i was like that's odd and would be embarrassed but what if it was more private. Then there is the bigger problem.

gothgirl added this comment  2010-09-14 19:23:12-05:00

thanks for all the comments just a few more and ill send this to glogster:)

brucekidhomie added this comment  2010-09-14 19:20:17-05:00

Its been like this for a year or so now D: I made a glog saying I was going to leave Glogster...but then changed my mind a second after making it so I marked it as private and then all my friends started freaking out. Sad eh?

sexiskemovampyre added this comment  2010-09-14 19:13:49-05:00

i have seen some private glogs and if i had one im pretty sure its been viewed

xxabby95xx added this comment  2010-09-14 18:37:49-05:00

i've seen this too!

noodling added this comment  2010-09-14 18:35:39-05:00

I've seen this happen...I thought it was just a glitch that made it say that :(

xxlovingxxmyselfxx added this comment  2010-09-14 17:43:12-05:00

I saw three private glogs so far. I was too scared to comment on them. Fix this!

ebojones added this comment  2010-09-14 17:32:06-05:00

Yes, this happened to me too! I have this really old glog and I set it private, like a long time ago, but it keeps getting views and it even got faved! Glogster really needs to fix this. :)

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