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About me

  • About me

    A gothic girl. Who loves to write poetry and stories. I love drawing. And rock music. Single and will stay that way.
  • Music

    Black Veil Brides is my favorite band. I love Rock and Heavy Metal music. Andy Biersack is my hero.


    Martin Mystery, Scooby-Doo, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, Worlds Dumbest, CSI, Criminal Minds and Tom & Jerry, ect. I like movies with Jim Carey. I also like movies directed by Tim Burton.
  • Lifestyle

    I'm a loner. I am always carrying my IPod, notebooks and sharpies. I normally have my headphones in my ears. I'm scarstic. If u want to know more just ask.


    I'm not an athletic person. I hate P.E. and Math.
  • Arts

    Writing, Drawing, Poetry and Painting. Anything I can express myself through.


    I'm sorry that I have not been on lately, I may or may not continue to make glogs. Thank you for viewing my stuff though.

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