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About me

  • About me

    I contradict myself. i think too much. i understand far too well and far more than i wish to. I am here to be with my kin, my "family". To be with the brothers and sisters of same thought, ideals matter not. I welcome you, my brothers and sisters of this life and world, with open arms.
  • Music

    From harmonic to rebellious (anything). I love all music. and note this, i use this account Gothicpoet for kinship. i care not of an army of "friends". I care for a family of my thought. and, im in a steady relationship.


    Hahahaa. media entertainment? well then, The works of johnny depp, the works if tim burton, again, what else must i say? though i must say, modern comedy is crude, but amusing. Tosh.0 for example.
  • Lifestyle

    Literature, poetry, legend, vampires, wolves, art, music, drama, what more must i say my kin? and i do not show my face as it is irrelavent. I like being a mystery. If we did not have something to think about, then would we think at all? I must say not.


    Irelavent. I read and write. Cirque Du Freak- by Darren Shann. House of Night Novels-by p.c. and Kristain Cast. The Vampire Chronicles- by Anne Rice. The chronicles of Vladimir Todd-by Heather Brewer.Demonata-by Darren Shan. anything by: SHAKESPEARE.
  • Arts

    The dramatic arts, comedies and tragedies, true human nature that can only be shown truthfuly through theater and drama. I love the works of OSCAR WILDE, EDGAR ALLAN POE, and other playwrites. I think my theme song should be heartbreaker by tiao cruz.


    I am bunburyist. meaning i lead a double life. as gothicpoet, i dont have to be repsectable, i can do as i wish. I am 15. and love life dearly. and in order to be so good everywhere else, i have to be wild here.

Fragile Beauty

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