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About me

  • About me

    I used to be Spyra on Glogster. ') / \ (/ \) \M/ \M/ .......PENGUIN! <3 lol
  • Music

    Eh. Whatever comes on on the radio. :D oh yeah, and dub step. WUH WUH WUHH *EPIC DROP* :O BERWW WE OOWH. lol sorry bout that. ^^


    I don't really watch TV. Favorite movie is uhh.. teh Lion King c:<
  • Lifestyle

    After millions of years -_______- of groundation, I have finally decided to clean up my act and get my life straight.


    I do Tae Kwon-Do
  • Arts

    LOVE arts! ^_^


    eh......I love cats!!!! <3333 And bunnies! ( )_( ) (=^.^=) (") (")

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