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About me

  • About me

    im a twelve year old girl that loves anime and video games and i dont care who dont like it.i have blond hair and blue eyes sky blue like grimmjows.i havent had my growth spert yet and im 5'2"
  • Music

    i love listening to skillet and three days grace.also i listen to nightcore which is vacaloids .almost forgot about fall out favioret song is monster by skillet and thanks for the memories by fall out boys.


    i watch mostly bleach souleater and fullmetal alchemist also inuyasha sometimes iget to watch all this stuff on toonami at 12 o clock at night on chanel 64.i watch only anime and comedy movies.
  • Lifestyle

    i enjoy holidays exspecially halloween because i get to dress up as my favorit anime person.i play alot of anime games including bleach and pokemon.


    i dont play sports unless you count video games. they actualy are a sport its a sport for your fingers.but i like swimming to and volly bolly.
  • Arts

    when i was 9 i always used to draw now ever sence i saw anime i want to become a famous anime known by my bleach drawings in bakersfield.


    i love finding out new always helps me with some of my life problems so its very nice to be away from every might think i sound no good but i work hard in my life to make it happier.P.S. my cst test at school is over average bang to ya.

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