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Part Of Your World

Part Of Your World


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cainbracken added this comment  2013-07-20 18:27:39-05:00

im a girl just took my bf account be broke up so i took his glogster account >:D lol firned me if u have ps3 Xx_bunnylover plz

cooljazzman added this comment  2013-04-18 18:00:14-05:00

This is a Beautiful Glog... ^_^

strawberrykiwifan added this comment  2013-02-01 21:13:15-06:00


sarahvv added this comment  2013-01-23 04:57:10-06:00

Thanks!! ;D

hanakisa added this comment  2013-01-10 19:35:46-06:00

I WOULD LIKE TO CREDIT SARAHVV FOR HER BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK!:D (Isn't it fantastic?!) visit her deviantart profile here

hanakisa added this comment  2013-01-10 19:29:53-06:00

oh, of course!

sarahvv added this comment  2013-01-09 18:37:21-06:00

Hi! I see you have used my artwork from deviantart: I would really appreciate it if you woul have me credited for my work. I put a lot of effort in this. Thanks

strawberryluver101 added this comment  2012-12-16 18:39:22-06:00

this is an awsome glog i used to love little mirmaid when i was little

singin1999 added this comment  2012-12-03 18:47:24-06:00

this is so pretty. this honors my name cuz the mermaids name is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! say im champ i dare somebody to.

hanakisa added this comment  2012-11-30 00:12:19-06:00

thanks for all the lovely comments, guys:D

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