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About me

  • About me

    My name is Hannah and I am 16 years old . I am kind of crazy and I have a crappy computer that does not let me make abbreviations so I have to write correct the whole time. I am crazy and funny , my friends say I am pretty creative and I have never met someone who does not like me . I am fun to be around , I love having a good time .
  • Music

    Music is like my favourite thing in the world . I like pretty much any music except opera and classic . I even like to write and compose music . And I'm pretty good at it ! Not many people can write a 53 verse song in 7 hours , compose it , and play it in fron of 130 people ... oh and yeah , the lyrics weren't trash either . So I guess I'm pretty good with music !! LOL


    I like TV shows like two and a half men , the big bang theory and how I met your mother . I like horror movies , comedies and a few sci fi thrillers. My favorite movies are " Scary Movie " , "Superhero movie " , " epic Movie " .... you get the picture.
  • Lifestyle

    Strange. I live in Spain but I have canadian parents so languages are always mixed up for me .I guess I am pretty popular since I have got quite a few friends , but I just broke up with my boyfriend and have realized what a jerk he was , so yeah im single .


    I play basketball and do swim meets. I am not good at long distance , but I am an awesome sprinter. I love everything dangerous .If I cloud describe myself in one word it's Risky .Roller coasters and jumping from to water of course !! Hahaha
  • Arts

    I like writing and drawing and have won a few contests . I guess I am creative :) I love writing poems and songs and I like when people give me feedback to improve . So if you want to say something don't worry . I don't bite ...... much ;)


    I don't care what haters say !! I have dealed with them my whole freakin' life for being different and now I simply don't care . My nickname ain't " Honey badger" for nothing. So , I like a good time and laughing. And I'm single . But don't try unless you think you can handle me ........ peace out !!


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