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Omakase Guardians

Omakase Guardians


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aegiswing added this comment  2013-05-25 01:53:05-05:00


xxibgdloverr added this comment  2013-02-25 11:51:55-06:00

awww, so cutee

tifa222 added this comment  2013-01-01 14:11:53-06:00

Love ur glog, <3 shugo chara

holiday09manga added this comment  2012-12-18 22:19:33-06:00

so adorable

ti1954 added this comment  2012-11-09 21:13:04-06:00

ahhhhhhhh♥ soooooo CuTE:)

sarahmonsterbearx3 added this comment  2012-09-27 16:51:53-05:00

AHHH! xD <3 Kuteee.

pandaxcamel added this comment  2012-08-27 21:49:23-05:00

Amazing! Very cute and well designed!

mezzopiano added this comment  2012-08-03 13:04:07-05:00

Shugo Chara! Is this Guardians 4???? Love it!!! This is what I call "master piece"!

hinatahyuga1 added this comment  2012-07-01 15:57:56-05:00

(/*o*)/ @sam281732 : Hehe. I remember when I was like that with my favourite heck, I'm still like that >XD !! Your comment made my day! ~(*3*)~

sam281732 added this comment  2012-07-01 15:55:02-05:00

Wow! this is really good! :O I remember when I used to be obsessed with this show XD I had sooooooooooooo many Amuto pictures and a bunch of shugo chara gifs XD *sighs* those were the days~~~ anyway....GREAT JOB! ^ 3 ^ ~

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