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About me

  • About me

    Heey stalkers x3, I'm TIffany, mainly people either calls me Tiff,Tiffy/TIffie,Tiffles,bunni,or pika xD Yes I am Asian of course o: Lots of people cute e.e but ehh xD If you wanna know bout me just talk to me If you have imvu add me and so we can talk ox I'm xxkawIibunnixx3 So go to the other Infoseek bout me ♥^.^♥
  • Music

    k-pop j-pop Techno/hard style Rock Screamo Bullet for my valentine Three days grace BOTDF BVB etc...


    only ANIME Well mainly LOL sometimes I watch others
  • Lifestyle

    editing, listening to music, talking to friends,being bored, draws,hw( bleh hate tht)


    Uh..... I don't have anything just play them sometimes
  • Arts

    Editing pics Draw anime/manga


    proud to be Asian xD <3 I'mbisexual( got a prob?) epic fail a lot LOL I'm kind too iF you have imvu add me xxkawaiibunnixx3 Just copy and paste the link and my BFFL is Tuppers and she is my bestie in real life cx now bye~ P.S check out my blogs and promote?

Apartheid 1960's Project

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