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About me

  • About me

    Hey, I'm Kat! I Love Reading, Music, Games, Sports, and Most anything. I Love to Party but I still get good grades soooooo. Anyways, I Love to Chat with anyone and Rate your Glogs.
  • Music

    Any Except Country, Unless its Johny Cash or Kenny Rogers.


    NCIS, Scrubs, Fraiser, Signfeild, Pysch, Monk, In Plain Sight, Degrassi, ect....
  • Lifestyle

    I just Do!


    Playing sports is okay, Watching on tv.......
  • Arts

    I Love Anime and I can't draw, but I can sing.


    I'm an only child(Biologcaly), I comand the Dark side, I can't spell at all, I think I might be the Devil's Daughter....... ummmmmm....... Oh yhea I get angrey easily.....sometimes.....most of the time...... at least thats what they say

The Sea

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