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About me

  • About me

    Hey, im shelby if u couldnt tell by my screen name then ya need help :P no i dont have a phone right now so dont ask :) plus... who really gives their number to random people on glogster? I go to a new tech school (9th grade) its really fun.. dont have a bf right now but im not looking for one on glogster so dont ask. i have the best friend ever! skylar! (idontgetit)
  • Music

    classic rock: acdc poisen def leppard skid row rush aerosmith blue oyster cult hollywood undead seather lynard skynard the eagles michael jackson eminem motley crue ccr rolling stones


    law and order svu, ncis, jersey shore, friday night lights
  • Lifestyle

    none ya


    pro COLTS, lakers, kentucky!!!
  • Arts

    i wish i could draw


    THINKS THAT I LOVE: football, cars, friends, tlking to ppl. Kaytlyn (BlackDahliaKaye) me and her have been best friends since 3rd grade and ive known her thru really hard times and would always stick with her and shes the same with me. :)

new pics :)

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