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About me

  • About me

    My name is Gelacia, I'm 15, I'm finally 5"0 (YAY FOR ME),I like to draw, I'm proud to be Latina, I have my bad days, i love acting, i love singing, I'm a bellydancer (if you need help just ask), im forgetful and whatever...
  • Music

    As long as it's not boring, scary, or downright lame I will listen to anything


    Anime anything (not including yaoi or yuri), Fuego de la Sangre, Sabado Gigante, Mtv, Quiero Mis Quinces, The New Adventures of Old Christine, SPONGEBOB <3, Big Bang Theory *All Hail Sheldon*, i simply love Cold Case *icant help it*, and uh thats about it. :DDD
  • Lifestyle

    Well I like to spend most of my days drawing, laughing, punching people (I'm as weak as a twig so dont worry), hanging out with my friends, writing poems, love stories, and songs, I'm kinda anti social but im trying to work on that


    Me: i hate sports You: (GASP)
  • Arts

    Manga art, performing arts, belly dancing, martial arts, the art of poking people with a art (hehe...)


    TAKEN BY UNO23 *jeremy-sama ~<3 (dont you dare try to steal him or i will personally chop your head off with a toothbrush I'm not a moring don't try to wake me up......I WILL KILL YOU put this on your ---██--- Wall █████ if you're ---██--- not embarrassed ---██--- to tell ---██--- others that ---██--- you believe in God ♥

I just want you to know who i am.

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