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About me

  • About me

    I'm Julie. Had an account called xheartbrokenx. Umm. My birthday is February 19! Which is today! If you have a problem with me, take a seat over there with the other bitches that are waiting for me to give a fuck. :] Relationship Stats: With Shane Marx❤ :D I love him! :D He's so funny and nice and he doesn't treat me like shit. And he doesn't get mad at me for no reason. ❤❤❤ Well, Julie (me) is all happy and shit sooo umm Hmu! :'D Thanks Sweethearts!
  • Music

    BFMV, BVB, ATTACK! ATTACK!, Blood On The Dance Floor, SHINee, Breathe Carolina, Escape The Fate, Skillet, brokeNCYDE, Dance Gavin Dance, Deftones, A Skylit Drive, Falling In Reverse, Hollywood Undead, Devil Wears Prada, Dot Dot Curve :), Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, LInkin Park, New Boys, Nickleback, and much much much more!! :D


    Hehe :3 Adventure Time, Invader Zim, The Regular Show, MTV, SPONGEBOB ❤, Incideous, Problem Child (He acts like me!:o ), just random shit. :3
  • Lifestyle

    Ehh, I got my haters and I got my buds! :D Hate me? Pfft, as if I could give a fuck! I don't wake up everyday to impress your ass! xD Stop drinking the haterade and get some Gatorade! :D


    Volleyball, Cheerleading
  • Arts

    Drawing, Photography (my passion), Singing, Dancing, Writing (all the time), Guitar, Violin, Etc.


    Other? What do you mean by OTHER?! O.O

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