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About me

  • About me

    My friends say I have a good sense of humor and when they are down I cheer them up! I also am up beat and fun.
  • Music

    I love pop and country! My favorite artists are Scotty McCreery, Taylor Swift,Carrie Underwood, Maroon 5, and Adele


    I love Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez! I also love Journey to Fearless ( the Taylor Swift movie)!
  • Sports

    I play tennis, soccer, and basketball! I also love to dance to!:)
  • Arts

    I love singing! I really want to become a singer. I sing for my friends and family all the time.


    Friends My bestie Olivia, Claire, Jenna, Katie, Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scotty McCreery Contest by ilovescotty12123

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