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About me

  • About me

    My favorite thing in the world is RAIN! I am a Lysdexic (or as you may know it, a Dyslexic). I am wiser than my age but as people say, “You could go insane with too much information.” So there you have it, I am a bit crazier than the human expectation proceeds. I am a bit (a lot) of a Penguin fanatic. So sue me, they’re cute. I have been heart broken before, but who hasn’t. I am a walking contradiction. I think I am a beautiful person but it took a lot of years and a lot
  • Music

    Give me almost anything and I'll be happy. Oh God except for that whiny, sex ridden crap.


    Depends on my mood... Favorite Movies: -Peter Pan -Elvice and Annabell -The Reader -Avitar -You Can't Take it With You (black and white) -etc etc etcFavorite Books:-A story with some kind of love in it and has to keep my short attention s
  • Lifestyle

    I don’t love easily but I give smiles freely. I can’t stand being in my own skin sometimes. Like a Penguin, I just want to fly!


    Dance... duh...
  • Arts



    Lets see now... -Musical theater -Dance -Acting -Painting -Sculpting -Reading -Swimming -Eating -Singing etc etc etc

The Hunger Games

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